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Help? (in-game face-pics not displayed correctly)
Some of my face-pictures and effects in game are like this...
[Image: 46908024.png]
I have vista home premium SP2 and i have a good computer...
how can i fix it?

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Which LF2 Version it is? and have you modified anything?
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its lf2.0a... and i installed some chars like silva, mavrik, batman...
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I have an similar issue upon playing on my W7 Laptop. Though, in my case only a few sprites look distorted like this or are mis-read (f.e. a few sprites have the casual green outlining you can see in some modded spriteheets).

For me it wasn't too annoying, though, thus i did never waste time on looking for a fix :D
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I don't know but I have the same problem on my laptop (I think because it's vista. My computer is XP and never get any problem)

Have you tried playing without maximizing the window? :P I guess you had, just on my laptop the graphic problem only occurs when I maximized LF2, but if I keep it restored in window I'd never get any graphic problems.
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