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2.0a mirror idea
i don't know if anyone has thought of this and please don't flame me if this has been brought up
since there is a mirror of each sprite, its possible to make a character that faces 1 direction the whole entire time with uhm...twice as much spriting effort right?
you have two worksheets to work with facing both sides...

but besides this idea, there is also the possibility to squeeze more sprites for more moves as long as it works with the data right?
you simple use facing for opointing a ball and viola, you have 2 possible looks for the same sprite number without needing to write 2 image lines.

anyone picking up on this?
~its been a long time coming~
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lol, this is a lot of work for a little bit of an effect.
Im happy to support this though (encouragement is the most i can give at this point) mainly because my graphics card NEEDS mirrored sprites.
This has stuffed up most of my favourite mods and characters -.-
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ah yeah i get what you mean. and it would be annoying for you to have to make it compatible with the new version but oh well, what can you do? =P

consdering this idea though, is there anything more we Can do to expand on this? just like how we could make so much stuff with the discovery of ik8, i just wonder if this could have any potential
~its been a long time coming~
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data for this kind of a thing is a pain in the əss
either you hex yourself a mirrored kind of data for each file (similar to the bitmaps) or you manage to make every tag in every frame symmetrical.
that may be easy for bodys - but you will already get heavy problems with itrs - not to mention that all blood weapon and catching points will be totally messed up

you can try to make it all work for a test character (all basics you want him to have first - difficult stuff like weapons and moves last) - if it works to your satisfaction you can go on doing more
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from 'twice as much spriting efforts' I guess you will make the mirror with reversed shading? o_O ?
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or correcting things like deep switching sword hand etc.
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