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You guys Wrote:Ooooh, yea I'd like to do a voice too, but I think that my accent is too weird.
Because seriously, EVERYONE cares about my accent. :(
Here, have a present for your bravery. Click.

I sent the serious voice-files via PM ;)
Could be that you have to adjust the volume of the audio, my computer tends to record very quiet.
Thanks given by: bashscrazy
Yeah lol, the audio is kinda fuzzy and the accent is funny xD
I'll have to use it though (no offense =P) if I can't get a better one
so if somebody else wants to join in..
it will be like auditions Picasso

but thanks! I really appreciate the help :lion:
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Man this is the best animating I've ever done! :D (except it's taking so long for a such a short animation lol)
I'm so proud of it so far! :awesome:

if you guys want an update.. if you go to one of the previous megaswf links I posted and go to my profile by clicking my username you can take a look

I'm not linking it myself cause I guess it can spoil the final animation - but just for people who are okay with spoilers and such (even though we've all read the comic xD) It's almost done. Just need to get voices - lip sync them then finish up the ending scene and polish it up! :D

EDIT: posted "looking for voice actors" over at GBAtemp's forum which has like +250,000 members - since I'm a DS man with a ACEKARD 2i so I use those forums as well.. I'll probably have better luck with voices there, plus someone posted an "audition" and did a pretty decent job so ye! :D
Thanks given by: Lauli
Holy crab apples with tequila sauce!
The animation is so smooth! Great job!

The final product should be so awesome. If you want, i can try my hand at an introduction vid.
Thanks given by: bashscrazy
Love the smoothness of the animation, but I think the act of throwing the onion isn't as comedic when it's as slow as it now. In other words: speed it up.

Oh and voice coming up. British accent or not?
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Thanks given by: bashscrazy , Alectric
I thought so you - definitely speed up the throwing to catch the surprise of the viewer :P and perhaps add a little "easing" into motions? (Meaning more dynamic in speed - like it begins slow, then changes fast, and then slows down and stops, f.e. as the facial expression changes into that 'awesome' one)
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Thanks given by: bashscrazy
Hey Bashcrazy

I can help with the voices too. Just dont know if my 9 year old indian accent would work.

If yes then how do i put my voice? no then it is ok
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I guess a lot of you found it yourself lol :awesome:
Here is the one with voices Ace Faith from GBAtemp sent me yesterday and I animated last night

Thanks for the compliments and feedback.

the onion throwing was changed also - his hand is held up longer cause when I added voices..
tell me how you guys want it.. did you want it in one smooth throw - where he doesn't hold his hand charging the throw?

@Alectric - what do you mean by introduciton video?

@SirFrog - depends whether it suits the char ;) - like the GREEN SHIRT guy - the voice I currently am using I really like.
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Haha :D I really like it

I'd say don't let him 'charge' the throw, that makes it a little predictable. Oh and the throwing itself could be even faster... perhaps? :P Oh and during the throw you could bend his upper body a little (like, try throwing something with might while standing normally)
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Nice, but i don't like that throwing sound or that ''hurdurrur''(?) sound that the other guy says when onion flies on his face D:
Might be back, might be not :^) anyways awesome to see you guys again!
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