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- I'll try with no charging and direct and faster throw - but too lazy to attempt bendage in the upper body lol

lol the guy that voiced it added that in his voice recording as you can see here

also you can check the other voices people suggested and stuff here - basically the GBAtemp thread I made for voice acting so ye :D

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whats an ohonion?
@phil: all the time :p
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^ apparently your I-m-being-picky-a**.
I actually love the hurdurru sounds, makes it kinda lol (even more)
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should totally allow people to be all trolley on their birthday :D
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So I should do a direct throw instead of raising the arm and holding for a while...
increase the speed of the onion in midair... keep the same speed of which the guys arm swings?
I'm not bending his upper body - to lazy and I also used my own body to reference the throw - I made minimal movement lol. I could have made it so only his arm moves but it looked ugly so I rotated his body to make it look better - more realistic and improve my skills as an animator.

But I'm also doing this for the VIEWS and the FAME - So I can join the youtube partnership program and make some young moola baby!

So I need to release often Redface

I got rid of the "charging arm" - is it good?

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Well here is the completed copy

Sorry for not using other people's voice's
I used Ace Faith from GBAtemp's
was lazy and already used them earlier and lip synced it

I added another internet meme to it :D
It's not good but w/e
I'm still a n00b animator.
If you have a yewtewb - please rate and comment on the actual video of what you think of it :awesome:
It'll make me feel better :)

EDIT: yay it finally posted.
haha this animation is really funny.Even it is too short,I like it.
I hope you will do a longer one next time.
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you need to have some background music! Something with an oboe!

The voices were so deep and manly, i thought one of them was about to say "IM BATMAN" in the batman voice.
Really weird ;D
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haha, very funny indeed. Even if it's short, I still like it.
This place motivates me to become an artist, this place motivates me to learn coding, this place made me grow up, showed me the ways to interact with people. Unlike the old childish of me myself, I've learned a lot and gotten some experiences. For me, it's not just a fan forum, it's a helpful community. From a noob to someone who would think before he speaks, looking back at my old post made me laugh hard, I'm grateful of the differences between these 2 years.
~Thank You All and Farewell
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that was great and funny!
That ending face is from a member's avatar:
Name was Vandelsca [sorry i don't remember the spelling rightly! no offense]
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(05-06-2011, 02:38 PM)Sonic Boom Wrote:  haha
that was great and funny!
That ending face is from a member's avatar:
Name was Vandelsca [sorry i don't remember the spelling rightly! no offense]
[Image: DoubleFacePalm.jpg]
Ever heard of trollface?
Might be back, might be not :^) anyways awesome to see you guys again!
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