Poll: Why a few special moves is original LF2?
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M. and S. Wong thought that peoples can not remember a lot of moves
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Many special moves are not necessary
10 71.43%
M. and S. Wong was tired to made more frames
4 28.57%
Total 14 vote(s) 100%
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Why only a few special moves and a simple stage are original LF2 ?
And the second topic is: Stage doesn't have keys,mines,talking etc.

I think that Marty and Starsky thought to create a fighting game,nothing related with other things.In advanced stages there are a lot of things (we know) like Modern games (which have conversations,coded things etc).

Who agree with me?
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I agree because before DC was made, LF2 had only fighting stages which consists of only chars, weapons and bottles. Modern stages with conversations etc would look good.
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I disagree because it's a fighting game, stage with conversation is just like a movie, so why don't you see the LF movie instead.
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i guess there are few moves and smaller stage mode because when lf2 released years ago they did not have the hacks and data changers and they had to make it on their own.
they had to create all of that first which would be very difficult so that we eventually get use the easier method and make better ones

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qwertz123 might be right.But then again,they might not have had the time.They also needed to study.But if they made LF2 in their vacations or something,I am wrong.
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