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Different stage for each character
Just a little addition to Eddie's post: If you need ideas, you can also look >here<.
A template stage may also be interesting, story-wise. But then again, I don't really like fighting with him.
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(04-28-2011, 09:17 AM)Reaper Wrote:  Just a little addition to Eddie's post: If you need ideas, you can also look >here<.
A template stage may also be interesting, story-wise. But then again, I don't really like fighting with him.

But It would be more interesting if we could use the template[real] made by felix for lf2 night or dark[don't remember it].
watcha think?
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Have I ever expressed my hatred for projects going into detailing when the framework has not been set?

Guys, seriously, instead of slamming others with ideas (I will leave it up to the very reader to decide if they're good or bad), you should really think about the basic system. If you have that set (and yes, it needs to be working flawlessly, because later edits will be a pain in the rear), you can go on with the actual detailing. This is like.... designing hundreds of LF2-characters without having the exe.

Survival-stage allows greater variety, by the way. Imagine to reserve stage 0 for the choosing. Depending on which character you have taken, an object will then take care of killing all others until the right stage has been selected. For example, if you have 10 stages per character and assuming that, let's say, Firen has stage-alternative #7, the object will kill everything until you reach stage 71. Should be doable, with a couple extra-objects etc.
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or exe edit to jump to stage/phase 71. but that's effort

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speaking of platforms in possibly working this, i remember yinyin's boss mode mod, where the exe had an independant mode similar to stage
however it was v1.9c and a bit buggy. i can see a possibility having a seperate game mode called 'character story mode' or something and not have to disrupt the normal story mode
just felt like saying :P
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(04-27-2011, 04:55 PM)Sonic Boom Wrote:  
(04-27-2011, 12:00 AM)empirefantasy Wrote:  When it was 2008 (I think) I thought about that: each character have his stage.Mean if you play with woody you will have a story of woody,but if you play with davis you will have a different story in stage.
I didn't know about stories in stage and I had an imaginary LF2 with:

Vs Mode
Stage mode
character stage mode (I never found a name for that)
1 on 1....

Now,as I know this can be realized in normal stage mode,maybe with stage chose.
Maybe it is very hard to create story stages for each char but,just for 5 heroes,while other heroes and other characters can see "unauthorized character ".

What do you think about that?!
Yeah Its really a good idea!
But, wouldn't it take too much of time for loading the game?
And Why are you only saying about 5 chars there are 9 heroes I think so the remaining 4 will be kinda isolated from the story.

there are ten heroes.
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Today afternoon,after learning "stage choice" I found a way how to appear different enemies for different characters.Fist I was thinking to made something similar to it,but then I used the opposite idea of "stage choice".

Well,idea is easy.Add special bdys in a lot of frames (I added only in standing and walking) in characters which will play in stage.Each character have a different special bdy (which means different Y; values).Then in the stage put all objects which will be used (by all characters).All these objects have a special frame which has:
state:3005 next: 1000 pic: 999 and wait: some seconds

.act: in stage.dat must have the same number with those special frames (so objects will be appeared in this special frame).

Then in different objects,in the special frame,put itr/kind:8 with the same value of the bdy of the character which activate the objects that you want (dvx of ik8 of special frames should be 0,1,etc).This mean that if you put special bdy in henry and itr/kind:8 which is activated by this bdy in Justin,then Justin will be activated.While all other objects,will be deleted if they are not activated,because they have next: 1000 in their special frame.

bug: when the object is activated,it is appeared near to you.

Here is a study example:

Also you can use "join: 0" in stage.dat,so for different characters you will have different friends.Example: if you play with Davis,your friend will be Woody,while if yu play with Woody,you friend will be Davis.But I didn't added this to make the study example easier to understand.
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(07-11-2011, 03:53 PM)empirefantasy Wrote:  bug: when the object is activated,it is appeared near to you.

I solved this bug by en easy solution: i just put an opoint so the enemy is opointed away.
Also all special frames can be included in one t3 object and the effect is the same.

Here is the study example without that bug.
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