Poll: Why are you on lfe?
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I like playing lf2.
4 18.18%
i like spriting.
2 9.09%
Just for time pass
6 27.27%
Other ressons
10 45.45%
Total 22 vote(s) 100%
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Why are you on lfe?
(04-27-2011, 02:42 PM)snorsorbet Wrote:  you guys are my lovers!! <3 <3 <3

and why we are your lovers?
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I came in LFE in july 2010 and the main reason was to download characters,stages etc.
Some days later I download data changer.Then I started learning to DC.Finding datachanger and LFE chage my life.From 2007 until 2010 I imagined new stages,characters,bgs and attacks.Now,with datachanger,I can release some of them.
So the main reason why I am here is to play/create modified things.

But after some months here I stay here to help newbies,write stories and to play in forum games.(when I came here for the first time,I didn't imagine to play or to write stories here,but now yes)
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You guys are still modifying and improving upon a game that most would consider dead three years ago- perhaps more, as the last update was nothing other than a minor patch with a new mode. Your dedication is amazing, and everybody else who comes here, well, your dedication to the forums is amazing.

i.e. I come here when I'm bored.
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It's the only place where i am accepted and recognized for my awesomness x3

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what's with dA then? D:
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Here I come when I am mostly when I am not doin' anything. Here I feel like a group. I just like to learn from VIPs and everyone who is at a higher rank than me. I even dont feel bored staying online. LFE is the best community I have ever seen and promise never to leave it.
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LFE - The only place u can trust . :P :P :P
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LFE = Learning+Skills Improvement+New Characters and Mods= Enjoyment!!
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When i was guest,i always go to lf empire to look for some awesome sprites,mods and etc.
Once upon a time i said to myself:why i need to be guest,when i can register and become member.Thats why im in lf empire.
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Why not?

(04-27-2011, 12:37 PM)Divisor Wrote:  2. Spriting/Checking out sprites
6. Discussing stuff
7. Laughing at funny quotes/pictures/stuff
8. Playing forum games

I miss the mafia game D:

Edit: I know, that line was just unrelated to the quote :p

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forum games contains mafia game, mate ;D
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nah i made it up on the spot

what more can one say? look at the responses to this thread!
~its been a long time coming~
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