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Siegvar's Frozen
Minor preview... some sketched animation tests:

[Image: frozen_upper.gif]
"I may devour the five continents, and swallow the three seas, but a body with neither wings, nor hands, nor feet, is powerless against the sky."

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Thanks given by: LutiChris
Looks Nice and smooth!
Is this gonna be something like the davis uppercut?
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[Image: frozen_upper.gif]

i dunno why, but its giving me a sense of dejavu... idk but its like i see something like it before but i cant put my finger on it.
(nothing against you/the sprite sieg but am just saying) i might also add that it looks awesome. i cant wait for the final result.
"I'm the president of the shadow government
The grand governor of the federal reserve
Public enemy of the society
The one you cannot see the thirty three degree"
Thanks given by: bashscrazy
ye it looks great!
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Is this the contender for the longest project in progress award? I thought so.

Okay, I don't know, if anyone feels like me, but... Always a "but". Never a "nevertheless". Okay, okay. I just don't want to say it, because I'll be hated by the cool kids. Here it goes: I tried to like Frozen as a character, bu- HA, got you- nevertheless I couldn't. I tried to do my regular 75 push-ups to get the blood flow pumping and stood on my head for 5 minutes to get the brain gears running, but I couldn't find a real fault to my predicament. Everything's there - the great, if somewhat bland, look, nice face-pic, smooth punching and kicking animations. Aha! MAYBE it's too smooth? Maybe this is too good to be true? I mean, Apoc never did a full playable character, so Sieg took up the job, so I should congratulate him, right? Right? Then why do I feel like being dragged through the dirt in a rodeo while tied to a bull's lower torso while watching how Sieg tortures himself with same old, same old, same..? Something is not right. Maybe, just maybe, Sieg is trying too hard, being the perfectionist that he is. How long did Da Vinchi worked on Mona Lisa till she started to look in all directions like some freakishly pleasant looking spider-head. Four years, a long break, then another 3 years, if my memory serves right. I am, while still perplexed by my emotions towards this project, also still glad that Sieg started it up again. The only thing I wish is that he finds piece while sleeping at night. Because I won't if this isn't finished.
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In fact apoc finished a fully playable char with high quality sprites called lfo davis (u can find him on the main page in the download section if u want to try him)

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Mmm, LFO Davis was more of a Davis' skin with some new attacks, there is a huge diference between that and a full original char like Frozen, they souldn't be compared at all. But I have some chars in development for HQ in hidden forum :p (the progress has slowed down quite a bit since uni).

I might be wrong, but I think you're not just a smart new user. Your writing makes me remember someone else... If I'm wrong, welcome :p

Haha, same here.

You're right. I tried to stick to the original design as much as I could, and the char ended up being too powerful. That is the complexity of "final attacks" in LFO from what I remember: giant overpowered energy balls. Some look like dragons or tigers, but it's pretty much the same. Not fancy melee moves or combos :/

I think I remember YinYin giving me some advices to either make a original balance for him or just avoid LFO chars at all, when I PMed him the char for testing (I might be wrong though, that was a looong time ago).

There are some chars designs that look good, like Dilun, Stinky(nice name...) or Sun. But some of the old ones are completely ruined, like Jan. The completely new characters are either just unoriginal or anime stereotypes. 'Uranus', for example, is an exact copy of Edward Elric from FMA. EXACT COPY.


Touche. It's like he never leaved... he was probably in the shadows waiting for the chance to bring awesomeness again :p

Marshall edited this post 05-10-2011 07:48 PM because:
doubt you are wrong ;)
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As per lf2TimmE1 suggestion, I had downloaded the LFO Davis char and here is its short review, or recital, if you will. Some may find it offensive, some may experience explosive diarrhea, some may even enjoy it and find it entertaining. Read at your own risk. And sorry for hijacking the thread. Not really.

Thanks given by: Apocalipsis
(05-10-2011, 02:03 PM)prince_freeza Wrote:  i dunno why, but its giving me a sense of dejavu... idk but its like i see something like it before but i cant put my finger on it.

justin wolf punch

(05-10-2011, 06:15 PM)Apocalipsis Wrote:  If I'm wrong, welcome :p

no welcome otherwise?
Thanks given by: LutiChris
New sprites are looking great as usual. Nevertheless I'd go for a kind of leg movement similar to Justin. I'm specifically talking about the - from our perspective - left leg, which bends outwards.
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