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Is it OK ?
This is K-Freeze, i'm modifying him by some special move. Watch and show your opinion :P

[Image: 0d0f41baa54f422d9f4af25f22b297e6.0.gif]
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Freeze with Louis' head: OK I guess, but you could still add something more.

-The move with the ice sword: Looks OK, but it would be hard to hit a moving target with it.
-The ice column move: seems kinda overpowered.
-Ice ball: looks like a normal ice ball.
-Ice dragon thingy: WAAAAAAY overpowered.
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i agree on divisor:

-The move with the ice sword: hard to target, maybe add a dvy to it so you go back to the floor quicker
-The ice column move: looks a bit op, but if the damage isnt to high it should be ok
-Ice ball: looks like a normal ice ball (so whatmore should i say)
-Ice dragon thingy: Well done dc, but really op - 4 ice columns (one in every direction) should be enough for visual effects, and telll me if I`m wrong now - but are you actually playing a fifth move then? THis whirlwind thingy? Cause if yes there`re only 4 columns from the dragon and then just the whirl with more columns, seems nice to me then...
[Image: random.php?pic=random]
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just dont forget to credit kid_a (i think thats his name) for the character
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@mh, div: that char was made by kid_a so he is only modifying him. No new concept :P
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should totally allow people to be all trolley on their birthday :D
Thanks given by: Divisor , Bamboori

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