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How did the creators get the idea of the original lf2?
I have always wondered,how did the creator,Marti and Starsky Wong get the idea of making Lf2?:s What do you think?I did not give a poll as there could be many reasons.Please reply.
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What you will do if you have program skill and you be learned all about programing and more,i think everyone will use it,why not?like some members learned Dcing and they making something.
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I know, but they could have made some other game,but why Lf2? Why did they want to continue Lf1 and make a better game, Lf2? They could have just made another game.Where and how did they get the idea?
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yes I have a answer.
If you visit Marty's webpages (you can find them in official page) there you can see some games from Marty.
Marty's games start in '90 and most of them are with fight see here>>
davis adventure is one of his games (maybe this is the reason why we have a Davis character in LF2).

this game is called fight

As you see from them and from some other fighting games,Marty might thought to create a better game for fight.And this game was LF1.Later he collaborate with Starsky and they created LF2.

Also Marty has created some other games such as "free fight world cup" or "Hero fighter".>>here Marty said: I hope to write a game with Starsky<<
So I think that Marty like fighting games and so he and Starsky created LF2.

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They were creative.
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(05-23-2011, 08:54 PM)dixon Wrote:  They were creative.
Peoples want always to improve and improve things,some of them don't like so much improving while some others like improving them to perfection (like me).
So I think that wanted to improve LF1 to LF2 and now to HF.As I said there were a some fighting games before LF1,so LF1 is one of them improvements.

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Yeah Empirefantasy is right as they would be having all the basic characteristics of the chars. and they were also fun to play with!
And yeah they wanted to improve it as they might loved to with the earlier version or made the newer version on requests from people!
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Thanks empirefantasy. The website you gave me and your explanation kinda solves it.
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