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Little Fighter 2.5 Sprite Problem
Sonic Boom Wrote:Just take the sprite sheets of the char and just flip them to make a mirror image and save them as adding _mirror in the last of the name of new sprite sheet you have made.
To understand better see the Lf2 original spritesheets which have a mirror image too!
Wrong! LF 2.5 is just like LF 1.9:P, so mirror are useless. It depends on your computer. If your computer is widescreen, it will automatically create a mirror for you. If not, sorry I can't help.:(
This place motivates me to become an artist, this place motivates me to learn coding, this place made me grow up, showed me the ways to interact with people. Unlike the old childish of me myself, I've learned a lot and gotten some experiences. For me, it's not just a fan forum, it's a helpful community. From a noob to someone who would think before he speaks, looking back at my old post made me laugh hard, I'm grateful of the differences between these 2 years.
~Thank You All and Farewell
~Goodbye, LFE.
RIP - 14/04/2014
Thanks given by: Electric2Shock , LeoGautama

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