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Character: Can Someone help me make some sprites?
Base on the title,can someone help me please...
I'm just can't draw so well. :( :( :(

This is the base sprites of it's body:

Its look clear here:

The sprite when he run:

Please help me.......
Just the sprites OK :)
The data I will make it myself.
Thanks given by:
1) When making requests, remember to offer compensation for the work done. No one will do work for anyone else for free.

2) Words mean nothing without tangible things to back them up. If you say you want someone to help you make the sprites while you do that data, prove that you can make the data first. Show it.

Only when you understand the 2 statements above and do something about them will you have any chance of getting any help anywhere.
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Thanks given by: Electric2Shock , nehalbordoloi
Thank for the infos.
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