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LF2 backgrounds - real life places
(09-09-2011, 02:40 PM)Hero destroyer Wrote:  @Monolith
Dude! That's tian an men square. It is SO not forbidden tower.
Meridian gate,maybe inside that building is a hall that looks like in lf2 forbidden tower
i wroted maybe its a hall in meridian gate looks like in lf2 forbidden tower

better call me Mono ,cuz we don't know each other that good to call ''dude''

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[Image: intro_right_pic.jpg]
some other pic of cuhk (
[Image: 165.gif]
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If u hadn't noticed the edit of my prev post earlier :

Closer views of Tai Hom (Click to View)
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Actually this isn't really the Tai Hom village.
The slums that you see in the LF2-Backround were demolished in 2001 or so. That's why there are not so much pictures out there.
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after a tough i found this at a bad angle [Image: DowPg.png]
[Image: Blaze340.gif]
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tai hom village:
[Image: TH001b.jpg]

[Image: fanling_wai_2005.jpg]
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