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Ban Request
(09-07-2011, 05:50 PM)Divisor Wrote:  Lol, requesting for a ban doesn't make any sense at all...

All you need to do is break rules and have fun with it, and voila! You get a free ban for your effort. Easiest thing evah.

Actually I tried that not so long time ago by trolling some threads, which in my opinion were too unnecessary/stupid to be taken seriously. Then I also posted some really genius things in the forum games, but that doesn't really count(?).
Anyway it was harder than I thought, all my posts got disposal'd but I only got warning level to 40% (something like think before posting and flaming others I think)
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Blarghh, guess we'll have to try harder then :P
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Heh, when I read that title, the first thing I thought OP would be like was... "Hey guys, could you ban X and Y for me? I'm out of mod powers and stuff. Thanks in advance!"
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