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LF2 Multiplayer 5 or more Computers
I wonder if there is any software which allow us to control a computer using another computer through internet. I feel like I ever heard one, but not sure.

Hamachi only allows 2 computers, no more, but it already supports 8 players game actually, so if other players can connect to one of the players and join the game as player 2/player 3/player 4 with different control settings, 5+ computers game might work.

This idea actually just pass by and I don't even understand how and if it is even possible ;p .

Oh, btw if it's the connection problem again it can't be helped anyway.
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I believe the term you're looking for is "remote desktop".

It's possible to play LF2 in this way, but the time it takes for the screen of the person whose computer is being "used" by the other players to be sent to them makes the gameplay slow for them.

LF2 Lobby is probably a better option :p
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Lobby currently supports up to 4 players (has one checksum-flaw or so which triggers random sync errors, though), and as soon as I get Chiko to finally fix up some things, 8p-games could become possible as well ;)
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(09-20-2011, 12:43 PM)Blue Phoenix Wrote:  and as soon as I get Chiko to finally fix up some things, 8p-games could become possible as well ;)

Are you implying you are the real mastermind behind the whole legend and programming of 8p-loby?! :P

Also, estimated release date: Chiko's working on it, and he's doing a lot of progress

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No, I'm just annoying him on a (ir)regular basis :p
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@ramond: lol .
@blow_fly: oh remote desktop xD . But yeah.. there's some lags.. can't really play games through it.
@BP: o :D 8 players lobby would add some more to the gameplay. A crowded battle in which each of the players play well (due to the lags ;) ) sounds cool.
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