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Does anyone have this mod?
Hi there.
I have found this video on YouTube which shows and LF2 mod called
(I think the full form is Sonic The Hedgehog LF2 and it is about Sonic)
>>YouTube video link<<
>>Another one<<
>>Yet another one<<

Does anyone have it?If yes,then can you please give me the link?I will really
be grateful.
I searched in google but,with no success.Maybe you will find it on google,but I did not.

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I watched the video - it`s not the same but it seems to include a lot of stuff from this version:
[Image: random.php?pic=random]
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Yeah I have it; or so I think I do..
I'm pretty sure that's SONICvsLF2
the difference I see is that some of those chars I don't see in the version I have and the version I Have has actual SONIC stages.

I saw it from the official lf2 forums some time ago.. I think? I forget. I talked to marshall about it.
Forget how I downloaded it.
(ZOMG it even has this little object that flys around - like SMASH BROS BRAWL that thing that powers you up - if you break it open with sonic you transform into SUPER SONIC and you can fly around and pwn n00bs, pretty cool)
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@Bash-Well,thx Bash but the thing is STH Lf2 and Sonic vs Lf2 is different.
@MH-Sorry,but Nintendo vs Sega is a different mod.I already have it.

Guess no one has it.*Sigh*
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Maybe you can ask the guy who made it?
he still uploads videos of progress of SONICvsLF2.
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