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Survival Guide for Knight! (YouTube with Caption)
Despite being a follower/minion, Knight is a very strong character, having an extremely strong defense while still having strong attack power, and even utility.

He has the biggest punch damage in the game, while being able to do dash attack backwards, greatly enhancing his attack range. His movement speed is, despite the heavy level 2 armor he wears, not slower than Deep, one of the ten heroes in Little Fighter 2. Further more, the armor trick can save Knight from various dangerous and seemingly helpless situations].

This video describes, through examples and explanations, how to play Knight, specifically for Survival mode.
Just Click Here!

This is inspired by Zelphir's video which explains Dennis.
Thanks given by: mfc
I watched it and there were informations that i didn't know about knight before, thnx.

But that pause-the-game-and-talktalktalks a little disturbs when watching video.
[Image: llqsMqz.jpg][Image: llqsMqz.jpg][Image: llqsMqz.jpg][Image: llqsMqz.jpg]
Thanks given by: Kevin
O, yea because I didn't talk very fluently so the game is running much faster than I can explain things xD
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woody is awesome!!

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