Poll: LF2 Lobby a Trojan?
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yes, i guess...
1 16.67%
no, bullsh*t, the LF2 Lobby is clean.
5 83.33%
Total 6 vote(s) 100%
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LF2Lobby a Spyware by Chiko?
Virus or not?
so Vote!

Kaspersky said: yes it is. > Backdoor.Win32.VB.nqi
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yeah. By the way, lf2 has also a neat backdoor, it will fetch your email adress and sent you spam randomly. Also MH is trying to get your credit card with this nice js-trojaner built into the lfe-banner, so everytime you click you might just lose all your money to mh...

oh wait.. no SERIOUSLY WHAT bullsh*t!
tis haz been asked before and the answer is still no.

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should totally allow people to be all trolley on their birthday :D
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yes this is a virus
my anti-virus deleted the lf2 lobby file because it was not appropriate

Yes....I Guess Wtf I guess not it is
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you know phill is right. sometimes the anti virus/anti spyware softwares identify some legit programs as malicious softwares ,because they way they work .
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Very funny. This discussion has already existed a longer time ago, and I believe that you, Doj, were also involved in the discussion.

Lobby is NOT a virus - HappyHouR gave the reason as to why the AVs detect it as virus. Want something to back it up? Lobby is being detected as a virus for longer than a year already. Still, I put LF2Lobby.exe to the exceptions of my AV so that I can finally use it without disabling the AV first. And in this whole year of using the Lobby, nothing virus-like has happened or spread anywhere on my PC.

Case closed.
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