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[Mod] LF2 - Mystics
zero placer ftw! is that a 'fast' one now?

(08-25-2008, 01:02 PM)Hukko Wrote:  LOL!! 5 chars and 2 stages 31mb?????
so what?
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@BP: I know, but I'll use URLS to get more views :D
@YinYin: I didn't use any zero placers here :P Everything is random.
Even thought your zero-placer works rather fast, it's still too slow :/

@Hukko: The next release (not including any new stages) will be smaller. Really smaller. When I was talking to Travis over MSN I realized that the music files had a k-bit rate of 370 (Good-quality mp3s have 128)(or so). So I reduced it and now it's about half as small. ;)
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the first swordfighter is not zero placed? does that mean the wall is random? Oo
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YinYin Wrote:the first swordfighter is not zero placed? does that mean the wall is random? Oo

Oh, I thoght you meant the environment itself. The swordfighter is more created per opoint from the wall.
And even if the wall is random, the swordsman always is at the same "place"
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i thought the wall would be part of the background - not an object
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smart idea, to add the wall just in stage :D
another plus point for you :)
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Alright, I've just been working on some little things here and there, changed music and other crap.
And I worked on Aaron too. His poses are rather difficult to make since there are no good exhibitions (?) from Deep.
    • [Image: aaroncombopq4.gif]
    This is his new continuous up-slice, which can only be performed when he's holding a knife as an actual weapon. It comes in pretty handy in the fight against Mark or against large groups of meele enemies.
    I'm going to implent more things like an advanced knife throw, etc. etc.
Anyways, when I was balancing Actron a bit, I kind of noticed that his moves are, compared to the newer characters, totally old and out of my style now.

So now I want you to complain as much as you can about Pyro, Leon and Actron.
Those suggestions I like will be probably used, of course ;)
EDIT: Please, do me the favour and don't rant about the z-axis movement of Aaron :/
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there is one thing that I can say straight the way: change either Actrons name or Aarons name, they are too familiar to each other

I like Leon as he is

Pyro could get another input for the molotov coctails, now they always go a bit up ( and that's annoying )

Leons spiky things can do a bit more dmg

TITLE: a idea
make cave for bear?
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Please keep working on lfm please I beg of you!
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Don't worry. He will.
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