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sprites and big sprites
Both of them are same except for the head. Try making the clotles new.

Why don't you make them facing right side? I will be beter and easier.
Thanks given by: betitngoan , NewToTheEra
(05-10-2013, 07:03 AM)davis60 Wrote:  Why don't you make them facing right side? I will be beter and easier.
the same .....=.="
sorry 4 my bad eng
[Image: stand-10_zpse8943b33.gif][Image: walk-11_zps3a4de3e2.gif][Image: att-3_zps48065cd2.gif]

Thanks given by: NewToTheEra
i just wanted to show those fixed legs
and i had a little time so i made goku's face
ok i will make some differences
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I like more previous version of clothes..
Its not hf style, well why dont you continue with sprites, LF2 sprites
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[Image: 259laf6.jpg]
fixed those hands and legs
[Image: 31341v5.jpg]

this is my last edit moving to next sprite
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No wrist bands?
Look, first learn about shadows, some body parts.
His fist are not fist, its from a chernobyl.
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EXG9 is right
+ contrast to his orange color dress.
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Things i like on goku is definetly hair :thumbsup: and nothing more..
other parts seems to be over blured, and shading....
light orange, really? is that some kind of joke?
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one question is gohan's leg and shirt shadinright
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[Image: 33cups7.png]

how is it

also re sized those hf sprite to lf2
[Image: 30ry1ky.jpg]
[Image: 15wghl3.jpg]
[Image: dn1sap.jpg]
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