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Marko's new sprite thread
I did Rio revamp again.[Image: HtSilMY.png]->[Image: f3FxCcl.png]or[Image: oJpV8Mo.png]
Which one you prefer most?
I really gave my best shots on this sprite and I'd be appreciate any minor criticism.
(Primarily, I concentrated on lf2 style.)

three more creations:
[Image: 17smxZG.png][Image: uU23QX6.png][Image: of63VtQ.png]
Thanks given by: Mono
New Rio nr.1 Looks nice but hair does not fit at all. That color. Try making yellow bit darker and black brighter.

Vegeta ssj5 kind a guy. That round shading, does not fit. You should try to apply shape shading theory.
Blonde guy. Looks nice, but hos eyes are shouting too much, make them brighter, something like boots light color. Ear is too high and.
Akira Yuki from virtual fighter, is it? That gradient stuff does not work here. Pants torso could use some contrast.
Thanks given by: Marko
All of them are actually OCs.
Just googled Akira Yuki. They have few things in common, no intention tho.
Thanks given by: Mono
[Image: TQbJFoc.png]
Thanks given by: Mono , prince_freeza , Bamboori
[Image: jkwPQ.png]2012-ish ->[Image: xUnMZwH.png]2020

I finally own a drawing tablet so i thought of doing a quick edit. I am not sure i've improved at all haha. :D
Thanks given by: STM1993 , Rellotscrewdriver
...seeing it just now. If you're up for crit: the shading feels a little too soft (hard to see what's in the light and what's in the shadow).

With a tablet, I would like you to try giving larger images a shot, though! Basically, when you don't have to worry about single pixels but rather where to place certain features, that's when tablets excel. Maybe start by blowing up the res of a sprite by a factor of 2 to 3, or start a full drawing/painting instead. I'm curious what you can come up with ;)
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Thanks given by: Mono

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