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[solved] Big energy ball
Can you give me more help please?
I am really, but really confused, and I am not fluent in english, so I can't understand all your sentences, so please, try to explain me more
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Alright, I'll try.
big image (Click to View)
The white circle is the centerpoint. Centerx: and centery: are the distance in x and y direction from the upper left corner to that point. (length of the red and green lines)
To find those, you can use the selection tool and select the area from that upper left point to the center like in frame 2. You can see the size of the selected area in the lower left corner. In this case, centerx: would have to be 97 and centery 212.
You can also see the size of your image next to it, 780 in x direction and 218 in y. LF2 always leaves one pixel of space between two pictures (where the white lines are) so the size of a single picture is (780-4)/4=194 for x (so width: 194) and 217 for y (so height: 217).
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Thanks for this awesome answer!!
Thank you very much man, now I understand very good, thanks, I have my attack now!
Topic closed, reason: Solved
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