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EXE editing problems
I have been editing a exe by reading the tutorials present in the forum. I am a noob cause I have started editing yesterday :D

I used Hari's exe as a base :D . Hari made the black line at the top invisible. Thanks man!

Things I did
  • Fixed the title icon
  • changed the recordings to .ucr (can open them too)
  • Disabled all the network links
  • Removed last line from the copyright
  • Brought the start page menu to right
  • disabled the f6, f7, f8 and f9 keys
  • f2 key pause=1 frame gap
I am not able to (I searched the forum but I did't found these for v2.0a)

Bring the title to the right (I need the address)
Change the second line of copyright to "modified by davis60" (need address and the hex value)
Make the "update button" unclickable (I donk know to do that, I can make it invisible)
Make the green portion of heath and mana bars invisible (black color don't work)
Make the numbers(d0 l0 a0...) invisible (what is that)
Make the bars invisible (black color don't work either)
Bring Main screen menu to right ( need the address)
Change the cheat code (to .......I shall PM who helps me)

Ther exe:(note: It's not finished and please remove the ads before running it as administrator

Please help,

I use OLLYDBG and Hex Editor Neo free
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