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[Char] Loden - The Magnet Expert
Well, I do agree that what EXG said is considered as help of some sort, but the way he always does it does not make it look like anything but a post where he is trying to trash others work. He has been doing his VERY BEST to find flaws in DH's work without doing the same with his excellent HQ work. Its pretty much sick IMO. Specially when that post is filling a whole page of comparing DH's work to a screw and a washing I still agree that Gad has went overboard as well though.
Now how about we all work together on extinguishing the fire by not going off topic with this anymore?

@DH: There is nothing I can say about your character now, sorry. I haven't tried him yet, nor I think I can do that soon. But judging from the GIF's, the character's main idea is pretty amazing! Keep this up!
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I'll just leave this here while it gets disposal'd.
[Image: o78e.png]

Also the legs in the defend frames looked weird imo.
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You definitely should make AI to that char.
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idk if this should happen but. when you do this [Image: pePv3Vt.gif]
near opponent. it drags opponent to the different side.

[Image: mtpCvXH.gif]

MoragWan Wrote:You definitely should make AI to that char.
I totaly Agree with making AI for this character :)
Quote:Also the legs in the defend frames looked weird imo.
same I think as his arms and belly,

for rtxas (Click to View)

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Can I just pause the topic of this thread? (sorry DesignHeaven, I'll still disposal all this, or make a seperated thread, seeing how much attention this gets)

Basically, my observation of all this flame and drama is that we have two completely different sides that really can't come together. One, who is a very bad example of his words (EXG9 - asks not to nitpick, though does it freely himself), and the other side - Gad, prince_freeza - guys, who are just eager to make fun of EXG9. That makes EXG9 furious very fast and the flame war commences.

There is really not much that can be done to circumvent the event, because both sides cannot change themselves - it's their normal behaviour and naturally it doesn't appeal to everyone. Yes, EXG9 can be a dick sometimes, but he offers his honest (even though not always constructive or whatnot) advice, like it or not; but at the same time, you shouldn't respond to him by being a dick yourself. That's in my opinion the weaker solution. Really, I shouldn't be the one trying to be like your parents, lol, so I will just say (and that's for both sides): there're more important things for your energy to be spent on, because no matter what or how you say something to your "nemesis" he just won't listen - he has his own beliefs, and changing them is just not worth the time.

tl;dr: why are you making your mood worse due to the fact that everyone is completely different?
Am I the only one who doesn't know how to use the pull magnet ball?

Why didn't you just use another combination? There are still some left. And it's to difficult to use that attack xD
But the Character is really awesome! Great job :) !
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Can I remake your character??
[Image: Zepo.png]
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So I know that this is old, but I realized there are still a few problems with this character that I have fixed, namely how the DvA Kick attack seems to take a while to execute and how weak it is. The reason the former happens is due to the author putting Hit_Da instead of hit_Da in all but one of the frames concerned (case-sensitive matters), making those frames with Hit_Da not work.

I've also noticed the special move commands are only added into the standing and defend frames, but not the walking and running frames for some reason, so they've been added into these frames as well.

Finally, I've buffed the Kick attack in accordance with luminance's suggestion to make it damage more and hit multiple enemies, making the DvA Kick attack slightly more worthwhile to use.

Attached is the updated Loden.dat. Just download it and replace the existing file in the Loden folder.

In summary, this is what I fixed:

- Fix the bug of delayed DvA Kick by changing "Hit_Da" to "hit_Da"
- Added the special move commands to walking and running frames
- Buffed the Kick attack. It now deals slightly more damage and hits multiple enemies.

EDIT: Also updated the D>J Magnet Blast such that an enemy trapped in the blast can now be hurt (it doesn't make sense that the enemy can't be hurt at all while being trapped in this blast). This in fact leads to an interesting sight if you fire two of these Magnet Blasts at an enemy ;) (which makes sense considering they're magnet blasts). You might even create an interesting combo out of this!

Download the Loden_ball.dat for this.

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.dat   Loden.dat (Size: 76.42 KB / Downloads: 4)
.dat   Loden_ball.dat (Size: 5.47 KB / Downloads: 5)
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