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Character: Olivia
Just as everyone noticed, this character is OP. But it has a nice wrapping and it is not unusual that breasts are able to break the law of physics as some of us have already witnessed ;D

Thanks given by: MoragWan
Not Bad character

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I did the maths, posting in a 2409 days old thread. Hmmm... anyways!

Published: Wobble
Silverthorn / Blue Phoenix
~ Breaking LFE since 2008 ~

"Freeze, you're under vrest!" - Mark, probably.

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Thanks given by: memskey , MoragWan
MoragWan's creations are really underestimated. I hope to see his new char soon! Btw, Lui's site has some interesting characters too! He has uploaded them in his characters section. I wish he would upload them on Empire so others can see it. I found Elsa as playable character there XD. These characters could fill main page's downloadable characters section. Loden, Ultra Orthodox, Elsa and Zack. I especially picked these characters because i think they are original characters and deserve such recognition. (i wish i could give credit to their creators but i have no idea who made them tho). Anyway could you ask him if he could upload these characters on main page? :O
Thanks given by: MoragWan

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