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Writing Exercise
Writing Exercise

A user writes five different words.
These words can be nouns, verbs (free to conjugate), adjectives, adverbs, articles,
names (please mark the names), pronouns and so on.
It can be easy/ basic words or more "complicated" ones.
Also check forum rules for appropriateness.

Another user can now choose a post with words and write a short story
(or if you feel fancy a poem or haiku) with these 5 words (don't have to be in the given order).
The story should not be longer than a ¾ MS Word-page (~500 words, but at least 3 sentences.)
Poems should be between 3 and 35 lines.
When you're ready to post your finished work, quote the person whose words you have chosen.

The words/stories don’t have to be related to Little Fighter, but it would be nice.

Multiple writers can choose the same word-post if they want.

Pay attention to the words/stories balance. We don’t want to have 50 word-posts and only 3 stories.

I will try to put all words and the appending stories into a spoiler box on the main post.

You can comment on stories and help writers to improve. Try to be polite and helpful.
Please enjoy yourselves !

here are some words for the start:
(to) stroll, monotonous, coffee, brilliant, sorrowful
[Image: 9iIBpSl.gif]
Thanks given by: Dr. Time , LutiChris , YinYin
I like this idea!

Some more words:

madness, rage, apocalypse, vanity, sonata
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Thanks given by: Silverthorn
I needed something to distract me, so here ya go:
(11-01-2013, 11:01 PM)Ramond Wrote:  madness, rage, apocalypse, vanity, sonata

"This is madness", he screamed as the general sat calmly in his chair smoking on his tobacco pipe.
The lieutenant was distraught about the generals' decision to fight against this unknown enemy that awaited them outside of the tent camp.
"Our soldiers refuse to fight - most of them are already dead". He tried to persuade the general in a more moderate way to let go off his idea to win this battle.
He stood up from his chair, walking slowly towards the lieutenant:
"I worked for years to get to this position. It took me years of research to find that demon that taunts our whole empire and our highly valued king. Do you think you're cleverer than me, that you are a better general than me? Your vanity sickens me, lieutenant!"

The whistling wind sidled through the entrance of the tent, the Lieutenant shivered "-but" he was unable to speak as a mysterious melody set in.
Both went outside - the general filled with confidence, the lieutenant still shivering, but now in fear.
Dark clouds were forming a thick carpet over the camp, the air vibrated as a result of the intoxicating sonata of death.
The lieutenant stared with a half open mouth at the apocalypse - like scenery, "Nobody is here anymore...”

A storm set in, blowing away tent covers. As the crescendo of the night filled the lieutenants' heart with fear, he cringed and ran away. In the same moment the general started to laugh manically, his face distorted in an ugly grin: "The fight begins now".
With eyes full of rage he ran fist swinging onto the field, as the squall of sound rolled over his head muting all his thoughts, slowly squashing his zest for combat.
The volume of the devilish instruments reached its peak, the general realized the hopelessness of his situation at the time the sky collapsed and crushed down on the field.

fun facts
words: 321
Keyword Density: 4. tent/fight á 3 (8%), 3. me 4 (10%), 1. lieutenant/general á 6 (15%)
[Image: 9iIBpSl.gif]
Thanks given by: The Lost Global Mod , LutiChris , Dr. Time , mfc
forest, leaves, spears, sharp, torch, rain
[Image: llqsMqz.jpg][Image: llqsMqz.jpg][Image: llqsMqz.jpg][Image: llqsMqz.jpg]
Thanks given by:
(12-11-2013, 03:35 PM)xmfcx Wrote:  forest, leaves, spears, sharp, torch, rain

On a calm morning, while crawling through the woods, she surpassed a large oak tree; its leaves still held little drops of water from the last rain. A thick root that laid on the wet and earthy surface allowed her to sit down for a moment. Her skirt made of laurel leaves rustled as she adjusted herself to a much more comfortable position. Calmly breathing she listened into the forest.
Far in the distance were strange noises, footsteps, talking and the sounds of metal bumping against each other. As she listened closely she heard two men talking. Like a strong breeze she soared from the root and dashed over bushes to a sunlit glade. With her arrival the two men reached the center of the clearing. To stay covered she hid behind a massive rock and started to observe the intruders. Both guys had dark hair; one was a bit taller than the other. They were holding unlit torches and sharp bushwhackers.
"Hey, do you know the direction?” the taller guy began to speak.
"Uhm ... according to the map we need to go deeper into the forest until we reach a cave". The other man started shaking his backpack with his hand; letting the long spears poking out. "This damn bear won't have a chance". He smirked.

With her back against the mossy stone she scowled into the nothingness focusing on the anger that grew inside. She spun around in front of the men lifting her arms and fluently splayed her fingers. A sibilant wind let the men shiver. As the wind grew stronger and their clothes started to shudder, the two turned around and were surprised to see a lady covered in leaves floating midair. Her eyes were gleaming red and her green coloured hair danced in the air. In their concentration they didn't notice the approaching green fog. The mysterious mass reached the men and emerged as blade-like holly leaves. Back-to-back both started to whimper as the organic knifes swirling around cutting deeper and deeper into their skin. The fatal storm ripped gaping wounds into their flesh and the men dropped to the ground like heavy bags. The air went quiet and the foliage dissolved.

Two men were sitting, back-to-back and stained with blood on a glade in the woods, with the sun shining upon them.

[Image: rkvP5jb_bewegung.gif]
Fun Facts:
Words: 391
Keyword Density: 1. her 8 (14%), 2. men 7 (12%), 3. back 5 (9%), 4. leaves/two á 4 (7%)

how 'bout this idea: since this thread doesnt seem to work out qiute well, I can turn it into a "raven writes short stories based on your words"-thread. I really want to write stuff, but currently I am missing ideas and motivation. So yeah, give me words and I write stuff, what ya think? :3
[Image: 9iIBpSl.gif]
Thanks given by: mfc
Sun, heaven, black, period, pit
(12-11-2013, 10:12 PM)Raven Wrote:  what ya think? :3
Do it. But don't rule out others writing stories too.
Thanks given by:
(12-11-2013, 10:23 PM)YinYin Wrote:  Sun, heaven, black, period, pit
In a black pit we start
a long period we wait
dreaming of heaven
but misjudging the Sun

I hope this is good enough :3
[Image: 78f0db68c4.jpg]
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housekeeping, wallet, excogitating, tralatitious, jello

surprise me :3
The Ghost In A False Reality Is Real
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I need a definition for tralatitious, cause I never heard this word before
[Image: 9iIBpSl.gif]
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Web definitions
handed-down: having been passed along from generation to generation; "among Biblical critics a tralatitious interpretation is one received by expositor from expositor"
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