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How do you temporarily hide a thread?
I would like to temporarily hide my art thread as I might use a few of the works in my portfolio. Incase they image search it I do not want to lose a college admission due it linking to this site.
So is it possible for a thread to be hidden? If it is then please tell me how to do it.

[Image: Blaze340.gif]
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You can only fully delete it.
But even then google may have a cache of it that can still be found.
Better just deal with it.
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Simply ask a mod to move it to split. Split forum can't be seen by guests or bots ;)
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As others have stated there isn't a way to temporarily remove it, but the college admission problem can at least partially be solved by adding a notice in the thread to serve as proof that it really is your work, as well as informing the college about the thread.
Unless of course, the admission process is something completely stupid that doesn't take into account that someone may have posted there work somewhere on the internet, in which case there isn't much to do.
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