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[solved] Shoot balls that only go straight.
Hi guys, new to the forum and i have a question i can't solve on my own and i can't find the answer here (I did go through quite a few threads, but if the question's already been asked and i missed it, i apologize in advance :().

I'm trying to create an ice ball that doesn't fly; just stay in wherever it's casted, destroy itself on hit, and dissipate itself overtime. I got all that to work, but the thing is, player can make it go up or down when casting (just like shooting normal balls). I'm currently using state:3000. I tried some other states but it doesn't behave quite correctly. I think the closest thing to my ball is firzen's ball and bat's laser, which can only shoot straight. But they also use state 3000. So im stuck. Any ideas? Thanks! :s

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[solved] Shoot balls that only go straight. - by Justfight - 01-17-2014, 09:52 AM

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