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Magicka Wizard Wars
Magicka Wizard Wars is up now, with open beta! Servers are kinda busy, but they are expanding them constantly.
[Image: banner-ny_1.png]
So as I said : Magicka: WW is now avaible on Steam for free!

What's Magicka?
Never heard of it? You should! That game was released in early 2011. Seems like a typical adventure game - wizard saving the world. But it's not so regular. The unusual things are: awkward humor and innovatory spell casting system. Game is funny, you can find a lot of Easter Eggz and funny quotes, but that's not the point of the topic.

Magicka Wizard Wars is a multiplayer battle arena, but not a typical MOBA. No inmatch levels and items, everyone is equal all the time. The rules of battle-ing may seem kinda crazy and difficult to get, but after few games you'll get used to it and I bet you'll love it.
The most important and expansed thing is the spell system. You can mix up to 3 from 8 elements.

[Image: spellelements.gif]
The elements: water, heal, shield, ice, thunder, death (arcane), earth and fire.
Magicka Wizard Wars allows you to choose 3 different (or same) parts to create a spell out of it. When we use the DEATH spell we let the red beam out of our wand, damaging targeted enemies; using an earth element will cause our wand to shoot a rock; using fire will make us able to flamethrow. As I said - we can mix the elements. F.e. mixing up ice with arcane will cause creation of freezing deathray, which will slow our enemies down more and more. We can connect fire with earth, to cast a classic fireball. Some of the elements are not willing to merge - earth and thunders just don't go out easly, they rather extinguish each other.

In current state of the game you can choose from 2 gamemodes (excluding the tutorial) - duels and teammatch. Duel's nothing special, but it will learn you the survival techniques and also how to kill enemy most efficiently - I personally spend most time here. On the other hand, second gamemode brings out a lot more fun (especially while playing with friends). The only problem here is the 'randoms'. You can always get a newbie or an idiot in your team, if you don't play premade.
The teammatch is based on capturing the respawning points. On the other side you need to take care of the enemies, to make their 'tokens' (life points) fall to 0. That's the main objective actually. You win when enemies have no tokens left, and tokens are running out slower if you have more respawns captured. There is also a faster way to win. Simply capture all the respawns and kill the enemies, so they can't spawn.
Gameplay is very amusing and entertaining, and first of all - matches are truly short for a MOBA. My longest match lasted for like 10 minutes, and some of them are not even 1 minute long (if you have really experienced enemies, or you're just unlucky).
After the game is won we get our reward - EXP. points and 'crowns', which are just in game money. After we level up with our general experience we get another reward - an element stone. Gained exp. is based on our individual match score. As long as we're kicking everybody's a** and get a lot of score we recieve a nice amount of experience and crowns. This system is pretty good and allows good players to advance faster, so they can compare their strength with high level players earlier.
For now the matchmaking isn't working that well (game has just started - not so many players and all are low leveled), but I believe that in some time this base will allow to matchmake pretty nice.

[Image: Magicka-Wizard-Wars.jpg]

Except for the spellsytem described above players can also use prepared spells called 'magicks'. They can be casted, only if the player has right amount of force. The force is being gathered while playing and dealing damage. Using this power allows players to use spells like: Haste (fastening up), Teleport, Conflagration (wave of fire), Tornado, Summon Death, or even more destructive - Meteor Shower or Thunderstorm. These spells are being unlocked by right amount of element stones gathered (and used - shopping system).

Beside ready spells we also have another parts of gear.
We can suit up our wizard with several elements - robes, staves, weapons, rings and trinkets. Those things are avaible in the shop, only if you have enough of the 'crowns' gathered.
The shop is not so expanded now, but we have some avaible accesories. Even more are avaible if you wish to pay for the game - you can buy gears and staves with real cash.

Using this gear will allow us to steer our's wizard's abilities. We can make him wear freeze-liking gear, or any other element-liking, but we need to remember about one thing. There is always harmony. Players can not overpower the other ones. If you want to boost one element you need to go down with the other. Boosting ice will make your water elements weak - etc. This system keeps everyone at one level, but still allows them to make varial team combinations.

The game is generally small-sized (~500 mb). I believe some of you may try it!
Contact me if you're wishing to play. Steam is needed though.
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I loved Magicka!

I thought the game was $13? Or was that to gain early access or something?
I remember putting it on my wishlist, don't think you can put free games on your wishlist. So I guess it is now f2p?
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Yeah, early alpha access. Now it's completly free.
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The game is looking good :)
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