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Extra States

State 9995 - Louis Transform

This state is used to transform Louis into LouisEX. Normally, state: 8000 is used to transform, but because LouisEX has more than 140 single pictures and there isn't a need for two color themes for LouisEX, this state was created.
If state: 9995 is used in a character, the character transforms into the character with id: 50 specified in data.txt and go to frame 0.

State 9996 - Louis Armour

State 9996 is used in Louis' transform move. It creates the armour weapons that appear during the transformation.  Four copies of id 217 are created in a square around LouisEX and one id 218 is spawned in the center.

State 9997 - Message

This state is used for messages (etc.dat).  A frame with this state has no shadow and the picture can be seen from anywhere in the arena (but be careful: if the picture is larger than 80 pixels, only part of the picture will be shown on the right side of the screen).  If you create a message with an opoint, you need to put a dvy: 550 in the frame, otherwise the object will fall.

State 9998 - Delete Object

State 9998 has the same effect as next: 1000: The object gets deleted from the game.  If you're working with cpoint or weapons, state 9998 is a safer to use than next: 1000.

State 9999 - Broken Weapon

This state is used in broken_weapon.dat, but it functions the same as state 15.

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