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With the information I explain here, it's not possible to create your own characters, but you can modify characters which already exist and make them stronger. However, with this, you can't create high-quality characters.  If you want to do this, you'll need a lot of time, patience, and a desire to learn new techniques. 




#1 How do I make my character faster?
At the beginning of the dat.-file there's a long list of basic characteristics concerning the movements of the character. The speed for walking and running is defined in "walking_speed" and "running_speed". The following lines with a "z" at the end set the movement speed toward and away from the front of the screen.

#2 How do I make my character jump higher?
Also noted at the top of the data file are the jump-heights and distances of the character. "Jump_[...]" is for the normal jump, "Dash_[...]" for the jump while running, and "Rowing_[...]" for the jump out of falling. You have to keep in mind that all of the heights have to be negative.

#3 How do I change the mp cost of my character's moves?
Normally, energy is only used in the special attacks of the characters - usually they begin around frame 235. The energy is always noted in the first frame of a move by the "mp" tag. Keep in mind: a character has a maximum of 500 mp points.

#4 How can my character shoot multiple balls at once?
To create multiple objects during a move you have to modify the "facing" part of the opoint. The "facing" value should be 10 times the number of objects that you want to appear. So "facing: 50" creates five objects.

#5 How do I change the damage of an attack?
All damage is defined by various instances of "itr" tags. In itrs, the "injury" allows you to set how much hp a character loses if they are hit by the attack. At the beginning of the game the character has 500 hp, so an "injury"larger than 500 is usually overkill.

#6 How do I add an effect?
The effect of an attack is also noted in "itr". The "effect"-tag is optional and so you won't always see it in itr. "effect: 1" creates blood, "effect: 2" burns, and "effect: 3" freezes the enemy.

#7 How do I add new attacks?
If you want to copy a move from one character to another, you have to copy the frames to the character's dat.-file. Keep in mind that you can't have frames with the same number. If the frames you copied are already in use, you have to change the frame-numbers (do not use frames bigger than 399!) and the next frame noted by "next".
Then, in order to use the move, you have to allocate a key-combination to it. The possible combinations are:

D + > + A = hit_Fa:   D + > + J = hit_Fj:    
D + ^ + A = hit_Ua:   D + ^ + J = hit_Uj:   D + J + A = hit_ja:
D + v + A = hit_Da:   D + v + J = hit_Dj:    

Finally, add this tag with the first frame-number of the move behind the other input tags in the "standing", "walking", and "defend" frames.

#8 How do I make my ball fly forward?
Forward movements of the ball are noted by "dvx". Using this, you can set the speed of the ball.

#9 How do I make a ball chase an enemy?
To make the ball chase an enemy, just note "hit_Fa: 1" behind "hit_j". Also make sure "dvx" and "dvy" are both zero in order to make the chasing work properly.

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