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A collection of the LF2-jokes that were available on the site until version 7. think Harry Potter is John! start wondering how much hp your pen loses whenever it rolls off your table and drops on the floor... and worry that it'll be breaking soon. search for milk at the floor after you got hit! run at your best pal and smash together trying to fuse! throw coloured energyballs at anyone wearing a bandanna! attempt to lift huge cargo crates and boulders that are as big as you at random! look for D v A somewhere when trying to kick someone! throw your fists and hope fire comes out! can only say come, move and stay! look up and see a blue box with a picture of you, and your health bar! and you friend run into each other and wonder why you didnt fuse! fight with the characters in ur sleep! can think of nothing else then Fighting methods and tactics! punch someone and then you see them fall and dissapear! get seriously hurt and think "not to worry, F7 can make everything all better... hope no one pressed F3..."! lose and can't find the F4!
...something seems different; "alright, who did the data change?!"
...something dissappears you think who pressed ESC?! wear a helmet because you think that items might fall from the sky and some might hit you! drink beer before you write a test at school, so you get more energy! go as an LF2 character for Halloween!
...worry about mask festivals, afraid that julian might be among them! see a bird flying in the sky and think.... is it dvy: 550 or dvy: -? punch yourself in reverse and hope to heal yourself by doing negative dmg! make yourself into an LF2 character! change your name to one of the characters! think you can transform into LouisEX! rub your hands together thinking fire has to come out eventually! try to do the Firen's fire run attack by lighting your shoes on fire! looks up oftenly to avoid falling crates and rocks! get beaten badly by a bully and scream :"that's it.. time to change my data and then beat you up"! try to shoot a fireball and when nothing comes out you wonder if you wrote the oid on your hand wrongly! throw a yellow ball in the air and wonder why fire and ice balls are not comming out! throw a big rock on your friend's head and wonder why they dont grab their stomachs! get your y-axis mixed up because of data changing and fail a maths test on graphs! watch an action movie and see bullet's flying through walls and wonder if it's state: 3006 or high vrest or bdefend! look around you and you see no ones there. and then you wonder where the "GO-->" is! killed someone and say: ah thats too easy wheres the f7 button..... when you cant find it you say : omg marti recoded the world! shout "Come!" in physical education and wonder why no little button appear over your head! grab a bat and you suddenly drink it and you say "hey, who changed the bat data!!!"! think nobody can beat you after deleting all bdy out of your data! think that you teacher is actually Julian! try to play the sonatna of the death on your flute! open your eyes as wide as you can and stare at your mean sister and wonder why laser beams don't come out! run towards somebody and roll on the ground and wonder why instead of coming up and throwing a fire ball at them, you break your neck! hit somebody twice with a baseball and expect them to fall down! watch your cat walking around and u wonder how many sprites it took for him to move so fluently! have all lf2 figures - even those which are not released to public yet!

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