Forum Announcement: LFE Forum Rules
<b>Rule 1: English only</b> <font face="Courier" size="-2">(+10%, 1 week)</font>
The forum is a meeting place for people from any nation to talk and have fun. Therefore, to ensure that everybody is able to participate and understand you, please stick to English with proper spelling and grammar<b>*</b>.

<b>Rule 2: Think before posting</b> <font face="Courier" size="-2">(+10%, 2 weeks)</font>
Spam, off-topic discussion, gravedigs or generally senseless posts<b>**</b> of any form will not be accepted.
If you want to ask questions, search the Mainsite (<a href=""></a>) or the forums first to check if your enquiry has been answered elsewhere.

<b>Rule 3: Etiquette</b> <font face="Courier" size="-2">(+30%, 2 weeks)</font>
Generally, common sense applies here. Do not offend, harass, curse, show disrespect, or be rude towards anyone. Newcomers shall be treated, like anybody else, with respect.
Additionally, sexual or illegal content (such as pirated software, plagiarisms) as well as anything which might be inappropriate for minors is not allowed and will immediately be removed.

<b>Rule 4: No multi-accounting</b> <font face="Courier" size="-2">(+40%, 3 months)</font>
You may only have one single account on LFE. Bans will be allotted upon disregard.

<b>Rule 5: Follow posting guidelines</b> <font face="Courier" size="-2">(+10%, 2 weeks)</font><ul>
<li> As LFE offers you to select differently colored themes, submitting posts with excessive color formatting is strongly prohibited as it possibly makes it hard to read them in other themes.
<li> If you submit an excerpt from .dat-files, use [code=<b></b>dc]Your code here[/code] for clear presentation.
<li> Use descriptive titles when posting a thread. “Help” does not tell a whole lot.
<li> Try to keep your publicly shared projects and ideas organised - refrain from splitting your project updates and similar ideas into separate threads if the content is related.

<b>Rule 6: Follow profile guidelines</b> <font face="Courier" size="-2">(+10%, 2 weeks)</font><ul>
<li> Please keep your signatures under 150 pixels in size, including text. Refrain from using animated pictures as they can take longer to load on some computers. Using sounds or anything which interferes with the forum layout is forbidden.
<li> Do not upload avatars larger than 100 KB.
<li> Breaking the forum-layout usually results in a verbal warning alongside the removal of the signature (or whatever else breaks it). If you re-add it, thus making the layout break again, a warning plus the removal of the signature will follow.

<b>Rule 7: No backseat moderating</b> <font face="Courier" size="-2">(+10%, 1 week)</font>
If you feel that a person has broken one of the above rules, please use the report-button located under each post. You may write the user a personal message (PM) but do not post in the respective thread to inform about the violation.
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