Forum Announcement: Programming Rules

  1. Programming only
    This board is specifically for those who wish to showcase their projects (new games, or programs) or discuss things regarding programming. General problems relating to computers may also be posted here.
  2. No DCing
    In case you have problems with the dat-files, please go to the >DCing-forum<.
  3. Please use tags
    In order to specify which programming language you're using, please write it into the topic-title. A few samples are listed below:
    • [Java] Quick-Sort problem
    • [ActionScript] Movie Clips are not working properly
    • [C++] Help with arrays needed
    Of course, you can also ask for the system behind it aka. pseudo-code or a rough explanation. Just do not expect any detailed information.
  4. No requests
    As with all other forums, please refrain from posting a plain request, hoping that another member will do it for you. If you are having problems with a coding solution, please post a help topic regarding the particular aspect with which you need help instead.
  5. Please use code-tags
    These forums have a syntax-highlighter which makes it much easier to understand code. If you're posting code, please use the [code=] tag.
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  6. Patience
    Do not expect a solution coming up within 30 minutes after your post. Especially, if you're using a relatively uncommon language chances are high that there won't be anybody that can answer your problem.
And, most important: Have fun! :)