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Originally written by The Lost Global Mod / Phil [link]

First of all, welcome to the Little Fighter Empire (from now on: LFE) forums, we hope you enjoyed your stay so far! This thread will hopefully guide you through the most important forum functions we have here. You should read this after you have read the FORUM RULES.

So let's get right into it!


[Image: Bqv8SFW.png]
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#1 - The LFE banner. This beautiful image, created by @Blue Phoenix is literally on every site. A simple click on it returns you to the index page of the LFE forums.

#2 - One of the most helpful tools in your whole LFE career is the Help-Page. It gives you exactly what you need at the beginning. There you'll find a lot of information about the mybb-system, in other words how you handle the possibilities the forum gives you, but also important information about LF2. For example:
  • How to fix LF2 2.0 crashing
  • A FAQ about online fighting
  • Essential apps for LF2

#3 - The search function, the tool you should use the most! There are two ways on how to use the search function:
  • #3a - Using the Quick Search, which gives you the basic functionality of searching, the easiest way to find what you need.
  • #3b - By clicking on this link you will find yourself on this page:
[Image: RtgYo.png]
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It gives you a whole lot of options: to specify more accurately what you want to search for & where. You will most likely use this when you know where to look for.

#4 - Portal, another way of displaying the latest stuff which has happened in the forums while you were away. It's basically an alternate option instead of the index page. You can use the search function there as well. It also displays the most recent forum announcements.

#5 - Chat, here you can meet with other fellow members, besides the Private Messaging system this is the most convenient way to get in touch with others, if you don't have Skype, MSN, etc. or don't want to share contact details. If the built in IRC-chat site does not work for you, you can try downloading a client and follow this tutorial (irc-tutorial) or try the webchat from freenode by clicking here and type #lfe in the textbox which says "Channel" and your desired nickname.

#6 - Awarded. Members can be awarded by being helpful or by winning a regularly held contest, there is also a monthly award for being the member of the month (MOTM in short), you can inform yourself there and have a look!

#7 - Mainsite, this is the place where you can download new content for your LF2, get information about character creation and so on. If you haven't found the LFE forums by browsing the LFE Mainsite then you definitely have to check it out!

#8 - Private Messaging (PM), the basic way of getting in touch with other members. You can send and receive messages there. Generally applied rule here: if you want to talk to a person directly or ask about something private then message him via PM, not in a forum post (that post may be considered spam).

Something noteworthy:
Next to every section there is this little bandit. Surprisingly this fellow changes color! Color shows if there are any new posts for you to read. However, if you don't want to read the new posts in one certain section, you can click on the bandit and every thread/post in this section will be marked read, so you won't have to read them.

[Image: UajlC.png]
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[Image: 8ymOw.png]
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#1 - Username of the user.

#2 - The avatar of the member.

#3 - These are public details of the member which might be noteworthy for you, like MSN ID, ICQ number or even when the user last visited.

#4 - In this area the already mentioned awards are displayed. Contest awards are earned when you get a winning rank (1-3) in a contest, forum awards are earned based on your performance on the forums.

#5 - Shows the signature

A Forum Post

[Image: Sq2A8.png]
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#1 - By clicking on the username or the profile picture, you can instantly get to the user's profile and view the information provided.

#2 - This is called Post Number, it gives a link directly to this specific post, so if you want to send someone a certain post, then right click on the number and "copy the link" then send your friend/member this link and he will be directed to this post.

#3 - By clicking on this you can view the posts in which the user got thanked. Thanking somebody on this forum means that you either agree with him completely and have nothing more to add (in other words don't need to post) or want to thank him, because this post helped you out. You might even thank somebody because he made you laugh!

#4 - This row of buttons has many functions:
  • EMAIL - You can send an email to the user, if he specified one when he registered.
  • PM - You can PM him directly by clicking on this button.
  • WWW - You go directly to the website the user specified in his profile.
  • FIND - Displays all posts of the user.

#5 - Same as #4 also has a lot of functions:
  • REPLY - let's you quote this post and instantly reply to it.
  • THANK - already mentioned above, use it when you want to thank somebody or agree with his post. Avoid posting posts which only contain "Thank you" - the thank button is made for this occasion.
  • MULTI QUOTE - this button lets you select many posts at once by clicking on it and then you can reply to them, in one single post.
  • REPORT - If you think a post is against the rules, please report the post instead of warning the user yourself, the forum staff will take care of it!

Well, that's about it. If you have any more questions please don't hesitate to message Administrators and Moderators via PM or on IRC! Remember, it's their job to make your stay here as pleasant as possible.

We hope this guide was helpful and wish you have a nice day!