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Full Version: [Kicker] Lf2 First Sprite Of My First Char
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I Dunce326 I a NewComer
And This Is My First Character Sprite
The shoes are nice, but the pants could use some darker shading. His hair is just a pile of white stuff and it seems to fusion together with the eyes. Get some shading on the hair, but don't use gray shading. Use some gray-blue shading, otherwise it will look very boring.
And BTW welcome to LFE :P
Welcome to the forums!

About your sprite:
Compare it with a normal LF2 sprite and you'll see that you got many proportions wrong. Especially the hands and the head are too short/small.
Yeah I Try Again And Again When it Looks Good To Me I Send The New Version Of The Sprite And Tnx To Welcome In LFE
here is a tip 4 u:(no offence)
longer arms more shading and the hair is totaly in the way.
with some work u will manage to improve this char.
Ok I Fixsed Some Things...
Hair,Pants And Arms
I Fink It Likes Little Gooder
His pants are still somehow wierd. His right arm looks pasted onto the body... That's really all.
fix the right arm from my guessin ur not good at shadeing this char is copy and paste do more work on him
hes gotta a point there as for what snorsobret the pant look funky fix them
I fixed what you asked but, that pants... i don't know what to do its to hard And I aded some dager For fun
Plz help me with that pants
Oh Finaly...
I Fixed That Pants
Here The Results
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