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Full Version: [Char:] My first Char :D
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Hey Guys!
Today I made my first Sprite (Ok, not my first :D but the first one I really want to work on :D)
[Image: faced.png]
[Image: neubitmapz.png]
Teh first version I made (left) is too normal, I think. The other version (right :D) is with a pocket knife and wings.. not perfect but i like it :D
I haven't named him yet but i thought about Tristan :D well if u have got a name for him post it here :D maybe ill stay with it!
will he fly like aeron or other??

i like the first one ( but its just my opinion )

if this is your first sprite then gratz...
(03-08-2009, 06:08 PM)SimonLF2DCer Wrote: [ -> ]will he fly like aeron or other??

Well not like areon :D just at one attack.. an attack like woody's tiger dash :D Ok, well i like the first one too and to make wings takes a lot of ime so i think i'll made him without wings :D

And i made a face ^^ forgot to post it :D i'll edit the first post :P

And thx :D
the face looks... not that good.. sry..

you need to do delete brown pixels in his neck. it looks really bad...
Ok i think i know what u mean :D

old ---------------- new ---------------- more new
[Image: faced.png][Image: facevxy.png][Image: face2.png]
better, but needs little more.. idk what..
I think the head needs to get put a few pixels more left.
And some edits would be nice.
[Image: headnew0qcl.png]
No offense but i think its bad.. sry rolleyes
i dont't like the blur and the right shoulder.. the head is right like he is :D And I dont want to spend too much time for a face (im working at standard sprites liek attack or jump :D and dc, of course :D)
working at sprite 6 now xDD
Not bad for a first i guess