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Full Version: Girls sprites?
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As it seems that the demon thread was kinda active I though this up... same idea, but not demons, girls... just because there is a serious lack of girls in lf2...

Sprited her today:

[Image: dayla.gif]
[Image: dayla.png]

This was just a random idea I thought, she's Davis sister, Dayla... Name kinda sucks but oh well, the name isn't that important in a single sprite xD
Nice sprite :O
And great idea!
I might throw something together tomorrow (even though I'm insanely busy and currently working on Shadow (and on a stage.dat project I'm working on)).
Great work there Apoc.

Now for my contribution, just whipped this up in the past 15 minutes or so.
[Image: girlninja.gif]

Nice sprites, I might give it a go :P
something i did awhile ago
might try something a little more original soon though
[Image: lyncopy.png]
First girl sprite I have done, not great but I had a go :P
[Image: lfgchic.png]
Great sprite and good idea!
That's so cool. Keep it up.
Oh yes, I remember, back in 2005 (or was it 2004?), I made this sprite in ms pain(t).... :P
[Image: e0n1qg.png]

Anti alias was something totally unknown to me at that time :P
, bp, alectric, chishio: you guys do it again.. you amaze me with every sprite you make.. keep it up! wanna see more from this stuff..

looks nice though you don't see her eyes.. and she is still a bit to musculine...
Nice thread ApOcAlIpSiS
The reason I think people only do male sprites is because they are easier to make...idk
but thats what I think - I have never EVER made a LF2 female sprite...but that won't stop me from trying :D
I might give it ago... ;)
(To any Newcomers)
The only difference is that they are occasionally slim and have a nice chest to top it off...
occasionally having long hair...
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