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Girls sprites?
Girls Gallery (Click to View)

As it seems that the demon thread was kinda active I though this up... same idea, but not demons, girls... just because there is a serious lack of girls in lf2...

Sprited her today:

[Image: dayla.gif]
[Image: dayla.png]

This was just a random idea I thought, she's Davis sister, Dayla... Name kinda sucks but oh well, the name isn't that important in a single sprite xD
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Nice sprite :O
And great idea!
I might throw something together tomorrow (even though I'm insanely busy and currently working on Shadow (and on a stage.dat project I'm working on)).
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Great work there Apoc.

Now for my contribution, just whipped this up in the past 15 minutes or so.
[Image: girlninja.gif]

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Nice sprites, I might give it a go :P
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something i did awhile ago
might try something a little more original soon though
[Image: lyncopy.png]
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First girl sprite I have done, not great but I had a go :P
[Image: lfgchic.png]
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Great sprite and good idea!
That's so cool. Keep it up.
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Oh yes, I remember, back in 2005 (or was it 2004?), I made this sprite in ms pain(t).... :P
[Image: e0n1qg.png]

Anti alias was something totally unknown to me at that time :P
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@apoc, bp, alectric, chishio: you guys do it again.. you amaze me with every sprite you make.. keep it up! wanna see more from this stuff..

@warg: looks nice though you don't see her eyes.. and she is still a bit to musculine...
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should totally allow people to be all trolley on their birthday :D
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Nice thread ApOcAlIpSiS
The reason I think people only do male sprites is because they are easier to make...idk
but thats what I think - I have never EVER made a LF2 female sprite...but that won't stop me from trying :D
I might give it ago... ;)
(To any Newcomers)
The only difference is that they are occasionally slim and have a nice chest to top it off...
occasionally having long hair...
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