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Full Version: [Char] Jim
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Nice f_pic xp little different styled, let´s see what PF will do :)
yeahh its nice dude...u gave me a feeling with those graphics that im playing PLAYSTATION 1 lol anyway my brother will make one...i hope its good
he is so sad looking!

remember the run attack should look like he is attacking after running so there should be a lot of momentum already.
(12-29-2010, 01:23 PM)Whaat Wrote: [ -> ]and he always keeps his hands in pockets.
[Image: punchin.gif]


really reminds me of davis design-wise, almost like a redraw. you might want to change him a little more.
For 'not much of a spriter', i actually think he has a cool unique style about him :D
Never showing his face, cool hair style, he looks like he would be Davis's little brother!

his movements are a little stiff in the punching, but thats probably the gif :P
Ill be happy to watch this space ;)
You´re wrong O__O and that´s why i call you Bambi this time.
[Image: vertaa.png]
But i can forgive you if you have good idea for the color of jacket :3

Yeah, maybe he really could be Davis´ lil bro :/ he really looks little smaller than other char´s becouse of his tiny face.

E: is it ready yet!? :3
The same colored jacket and the same colored shirt he has makes it look a little like Davis.
(12-30-2010, 09:27 AM)chase123 Wrote: [ -> ]The same colored jacket and the same colored shirt he has makes it look a little like Davis.
Jacket´s blue is much brighter than Davis´ ;<
Maybe i should try other color combinations and post ´em here.

[Image: jump_a.gif]
Again smoother in-game.
Yeah, only 3 sprites left from basic sprites :o
Now i made some color alternatives, which one is best?
[Image: choices.png]
I think blue is best :3
well i like it and i like your ideas for this char
try to do the sprites like this
[Image: 1293783750.gif]
your not need very much frame with the move smudge
see what i did on the frames
good luck with ur char :)
Try either the brown or red jacket, because as Bamboori mentions it reminds us too much of Davis
...there a couple things u would need to fix...or atleast how i see it...
1) the face, i know thats part of Woody's face towards the ground but it actually looks like it's bent in that position, u might want to fix thew facial features since he's missing a mouth and nose, if ur intentions were to leave the eyebrows then leave it as is but drag it up a pixel or two. Fix the head part as well by dragging it 2-3 pixels to left and maybe even changing the angle of it
2) His arms aren't defined well enough (this must be the shading), you might also want to space his arms out from the rest of his body, imo cuz everything is all squished in together...
3) Hairstyle or Hair color must change, cuz it reminds me too much of Woody/Davis, if u want Jim to be original it can't be affiliated with them, moves, and design.
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