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Full Version: Hein[Only Progress]
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nice! but now it looks like he has short legs. Try to move also his uhm... Skirt
Yeah,you should move his body a bit too,or at least a bit.
I think you should make his lower body darker.. :o
legs are too broad
try this for breathing:(its old but use full)
Breathing is fine, leave it.
But I think he could eventually move his arms while walking.
I think the breathing is OK but as for the walking, I will change it.
Normal attack:[Image: i288177_b1.PNG]
[If someone can make(sprite) the upside-down attack(last four frames) better, please make it.]
I believe you can do it by yourself. Maybe not something that difficult and original for a beginner? Try something more usual, so you will have a base/reference for it.
for the flip:
you can either use henry as a base to start with,
or download the matt's rep char "matt" he has similar flips you can check out.

also, am loving the progress so far keep it up don't give up on this char ;D
Thanks, but Matt goes back during his flip. In Hein, he stands with his hand and attack the enemy with his legs and then stand back.
Something is not right in the last four frame which I can't figure out. If someone spots it please tell what it is.
EDIT: I found what was wrong but can anyone tell me how to make this effect[Image: i288700_untitled.PNG]
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