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Full Version: Hein[Only Progress]
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To make that effect use smudge tool (with a proper brush). Or maybe filter>stylize>wind.
^ nope,
just simply draw them with a normal brush and shade them..
Thanks, Here it is the improved[Image: i290164_b1.PNG]
Looks good while playing in the game!
Here I have made the Heavy weapon throw and Heavy weapon Walk
[Image: i290200_b1.PNG]
(01-05-2013, 04:40 PM)prince_freeza Wrote: [ -> ]just simply draw them with a normal brush and shade them..

I brush the fast thingy, lock transparent, and smudge. :D

Anyway, Good luck with your char, Davis60. We'll compete.

It looks great but I want to see moves I cant wait to see them
i wanna ask you a simple question do you know how to dc

because if you dont know

then your char will end like gogetassj4
Yes! I know how to DC ofc. And the basic DC is almost done, and the sprites are only 50% done so just wait for 2-3 weeks, then Hein will be finished.
This is the progress till now:
breathing:[Image: i292875_breathing.gif]
walking:[Image: i292876_walking.gif]
running:[Image: i292877_running.gif]
enemy catch attack:[Image: i292878_enemycatchattack.gif]
attack1:[Image: i292879_attack1.gif]
attack2:[Image: i292880_attack2.gif]
Superattack:[Image: i292881_superattack.gif]
And heavy weapon walk, heavy weapon run, burning and more basic sprites done. Tomorrow morning I will start rowing(and others) and I think till Tuesday the first sprite sheet will be ready! :D
I suggest that the arms' motion be a bit for refined in the breathing. Make the arms move in the "walking" frames.

I don't understand how the Superattack works.
Fix superatt and walking.. everything else seems to look fine. ;)
In attack2 his feet seem kinda odd...they kind of slide across the ground. I would change that, and what Marko pro and Electric Shock said. But good work on the running and attack1 frames!! :D
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