Moderators care about the general things such as posts, issue warnings or bans upon rule-breaking, etc. There are two categories of moderators: "Moderators" who watch over a single (or a few) forum and "Global Moderators" that have access to any forum.

Moderators are generally appointed by Administrators. Generally, retired moderators (most of the VIP-members) are preferred over newcomers because they already know how things work and how to tackle certain problems. However, if you show
  • a great dedication to the forums,
  • good, mature behavior (this includes interpersonal skills as well), and
  • superb skills in your domain (spriting, DCing, writing, ...),
a PM by an administrator might show up in your inbox asking you if you'd like to join the staff. You can, of course, ask as well, but if there is no dire need, a rejection will most likely occur.