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R-Bonu (R Version of Bonu) - Mesujin - 10-23-2021


... idk to wrote here '-'

One of the R Series project, a project that .... going .. to rework, remake, re-whatever some stuff in LFE, mainly character, so they can be played in my mod, LF2EF, but in this case ... uh... whatever '-'.

Since this feels like stealing other people's work, if you're the owner of Bonu and doesn't like to what i have done to your character, please tell me so i can .. handle this.


R-Bonu (90% Complete) (Click to View)

RE: R-Bonu (R Version of Bonu) - Mesujin - 05-12-2023

Update, (v0.90.230512). Main Post.

It's not changed much from the last version.. but.. it's updated :s
Highly chance i won't finish this char for original LF2, so... whatever.

It's not likely this char is far from complete, he's just need some last touch... tho it might cost more than a week (with 9 hours of working time each day).

Left to do (Click to View)

ah, i just did a little change to fix some small bug... didn't even bother to do the preview :)... as an update.