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Version: Three Magician - LF2E
19 May 2020, 23:43 PM(GMT+7) - Start texting

Hmm.. i don't know.. it's been 3 years from my last post.(bad eng warning xD)

btw, Introducing Three Magician from LF2E (Little Fighter 2 Evolution), John, Firen, and Freeze. Firen and Freeze aren't complete yet, but they are playable for now :'). LF2E is my old project that introducing a hurtable lying character (i have posted this mod before, you can find it with search).

Description & Screenshots
Only John that already finished, but i'll still make a change for John on new update.

Check it up! xD (bad eng warning)(Long text)
John The Self Master :D (Click to View)

Coming Soon for Firen and Freeze :'D

Download Links
Version : 0.9.220520 - Clean Ver.
ZippyShare, Mediafire(Only 14 Days, from 23/05/20 to 06/06/20), Google Drive.
The links will die within a certain time, PM me when die.
There's no mirror sprite, you can use mirror engine in this forum. Just find it out yourself :P

Cool John skill effect => Little Fighter 2 neuer Strew by luminance.
John's Skin by InTheEnd
DC advice ; STM1993, Nyamaiku from discord.

Next update... Bloodstack Deep.
Thanks given by: Nithin6777

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