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Version: [Mod] Little Fighter 2 Evolution
19 May 2020, 23:43 PM(GMT+7) - Start texting
• Introduction •
Hmmm.. nnnn.. it's been 3 years from the last post..(bad eng warning xD)

anyway, Introducing Little Fighter 2 Evolution(LF2E) which bring a new role that lying character was able to be hurt. Also new skill, passive, and char to balancing the new role. And maybe i'll make a little story into the game(stage).

• Description & Screenshots •
I'll finish this modification.. or version.. slowly, but i'll. If I'm still alive :'D.

All character's description
80% of these things is only an idea, so you don't need to read them all since these messful texts are replacing "Moves.txt" function or something like that, please understand.
Better you download the file first before start reading..
(Detailed ver. locked for now, it's will be available again soon)
LF2E's Characters Move List (Detailed) (Click to View)
LF2E's Characters Move List (Simple) (Click to View)

• Download Links •
Older Version (Click to View)
Version 0.2.201121 - Saving Project (Dirty Ver.) (Click to View)
ZippyShare, Mediafire, Google Drive.
Self Note (Click to View)

• Credits •
Cool John's skill effect => Little Fighter 2 neuer Strew by luminance.
Cool Deep's slash => Little Fighter 2 neuer Strew by luminance.
John's Skin by InTheEnd.
Easier Data-Editor (STM93 Version) by Luigi600.
DC advice ; STM93.
Stolen DC tricks (Click to View)
Unofficial Character's Credits (Click to View)

Feel free to comment anything. ^^
Thanks given by: Nithin6777 , holyfreeze , The_Hari , letoangt
Great work !!!
I love the Pixie's Dust and Charge !!
And the idea of adding additional features to the Energy blast when it hits and rebounds is also cool ...

Again Great and Amazing Work keep it up !!!
Have a Good Day !!!
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Thanks given by:
I saw this kind of move in DR-LF2 where deep threw his sword in air and it multiplies into many and so on ...

Looks good btw ..

I saw Mohoro last time in Wrestle LF2 Above Limit . She was kinda overpowered in that mod but I loved her flying skill (she flies up in the air and shoot projectiles)

Keep up the good work ....
Have a Good Day !!!
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Thanks given by: Tetsuya Sora
Making a reply here because I heard there's a problem with creating multiple swords for Deep's boomerang sword throw move, and I already detailed the problems in Discord chat.

I'd like to propose an improved system, since you are using heavy weapon system and are okay with having"Com" show up.

You will need:
id: 219 type: 3 #jan_chaseh.dat Angels
...frame 0 (this is the frame when angels first appear)
...frame 51 (has hit_Fa: 5 to spawn angels)
...frame 60 hit_Fa: 3 (this is the frame when the angel heals its target)

id: AAA type: 2 #heavy
...frame XXX state: 8BBB
id: BBB type: 0 #dummy
...frame XXX
...frame ZZZ opoint kind 1 - oid: 219 action: 51

What to do:
  1. Deep opoint kind 1 - oid: AAA
  2. Deep press A (itr kind 2) - goes to frame 116 to pick up AAA(heavy).
  3. Deep's wpoint weaponact: XXX brings AAA into frame XXX, which causes AAA(heavy) to transform into BBB(dummy). The wpoint y: must be VERY far below the ground.
  4. Deep goes into a new frame with wait: 0, where the wpoint weaponact: ZZZ causes BBB(dummy) to spawn Jan angel once.
  5. Deep immediately goes to a new frame with wpoint weaponact: XXX to prevent further spawning of angels.
  6. Deep can actually transform Dummy(BBB) back into Heavy(AAA), because the angel will still continue to chase the Heavy despite no longer being a type 0.

What will happen:
i. Deep picks up Heavy.
ii. Heavy becomes Dummy.
iii. Dummy creates Angels (1 for self, 1 for Deep, many more for allies).
iv. Since Dummy is type 0, he will heal himself with Angel (angel goes to frame 60).
v. Since the Angels are created very far below the ground, the other angels won't heal anyone(not even Deep!), and can be safely deleted.
vi. Transform the Dummy back into Heavy.

Now, it should be noted that the Angel will continue chasing and even heal the Heavy(based on the Heavy's actual y-position), as long as it is using hit_Fa: 4 or hit_Fa: 7. You can have frames without any hit_Fa and the Angel will still remember the Heavy when hit_Fa: 4/7 is re-enabled.

What needs to be done next:
a. Shift both Heavy and angel reasonably off the ground.
b. Transform the angel into the sword, and make the sword shoot off at the enemy (you can disable hit_Fa: 4 here).
c. Now the sword, after some time, will enter hit_Fa: 4, and remembers to chase the Heavy.
d. When the sword touches the Heavy, it goes to frame 60, which you can use to destroy the Heavy or whatever.

DO NOT make the sword have any OTHER hit_Fa!
It will end up chasing the enemy instead, and makes the sword forget who the Heavy is, even if you change it back to hit_Fa: 4/7!
[Image: uMSShyX.png]
Steiner v3.00 (outdated), Challenge Stage v1.51
Luigi's Easier Data-Editor, A-Man's Sprite Mirrorer
Working on the LF2 Rebalance mod.
Avatar styled by: prince_freeza
Thanks given by:
Liso 80% way complete! Lacks DJA, 'air magic axe", and his ultimate a.k.a. berserk
This character are fully inspired from DS-animation's Liso were he can move like a lightning. Made as closely as possible with the existing video.

Version : 0.2.200828 - Dirty Ver. (Click to View)
ZippyShare, Mediafire, Google Drive.

Preview :
[Image: giphy.gif]
Video Link, hmm.. Isn't the GIF kinda laggy?
• Credits
Original  : Liso by pH
Skill Idea   : Liso => Julian War 2 by DS-animation

I think i will busy at Sept, so better post it now.
You can check his movements in the main Thread..
20% Complete!!
No big update, just saving my project and re-uploading cuz the last link has expired.

Here some preview for now.

You can check the main Thread for the information and download link.
Note: This is a long project, not that 'cool Mod' but full of unique data trick.
I'll keep mod this project if i'm still alive :D

bad grammar -'
Thanks given by: holyfreeze

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