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[Character] DarkFirzenEX ~ Release - DarkFirzenEX - 04-20-2009

Hey guys, this is the release thread of my rep-char DarkFirzenEX.
I would like to say Thanx to Blue Phoenix for helping me with my sucky DC-Skills!
See the original thread at the "Sprites" forum >>here<<

Name? DarkFirzenEX
Who made him? Me :D
Where to download? Below.
Any screenshots? Yep.
Where? Below.
Screenshots: (Click to View)

Critics and advices are always welcome!

RE: [Character] DarkFirzenEX ~ Release - Angel_Adam - 04-20-2009

nice,char good sprites...
great moves as well...

RE: [Character] DarkFirzenEX ~ Release - JossuaDC - 04-20-2009

Oh boy...

Great job! I'm not a big fan of the squared lightning, but it works out ok ;) Not much to complain about here.

Basic DCing. No obvious centerx/centery misplacement (lulz Angel_Adam) and bug-proof. I'm not impressed, but it's solid.

EXCEPT for the Whirlwind of Charge;
The two balls move at different speeds (the ball that sets the enemies on fire and the ball containing the whirlwind sprite and 'lift' itr), which is probably the most annoying thing I've seen in ages.
Wanna know why?
'Cause it's such a simple error!
Fix the dvx :s

~Moves lack originality;
-Slightly altered Biscuit.
-Charged Insanity features the sprite of a beam I've seen over a million times now.
-Whirlwind of Charge = Freeze's Whirlwind with altered values.

Basic. Contains simple errors, but it's solid. Probably mainly due to most of the frame elements being Firzen's original data xD

Great ;)
The sprites used in moves need smoother transitions though - a character ducking and standing up at the speed of light doesn't look good.

Maybe I was expecting too much, but I'm fairly pleased with the end result.

PS: I really don't want to offend you :s I'm always honest whenever I give my opinion on something and I'm giving you feedback to try and help you ;s
I know I'm probably too direct/harsh, but that's the risk you take when you upload your character to a forum for other people to review it ;P

I'm a little scared of posting feedback on things since Angel_Adam's reaction :/

tl;dr: Good job. It's good to see some new stuff in here :) And DFEX is fun to play with ;P

RE: [Character] DarkFirzenEX ~ Release - DarkFirzenEX - 04-20-2009

Whoooo!! That are critic-posts i love! And its OK when you give me critics like that :P

First i must say thanx that you like my sprites! (I'm kinda proud, especially of the face :) )
The sprites used in the moves; they are not good I know. But thats because I couldnt wait to upload my char (coz its my first)!
I think I'll optimize them soon.

To the Whirlwind:
That isn't really easy.. i made the whirlwind getting faster, and the ball which does the fire effect has got just one frame. So it isn't easy to make him egtting faster.. but I think ill fix that some way

Because I'm german and quite young I don't understand what you mean with "Slightly altered Biscuit." and "Moves lack originality;". Maybe you could explain it x_x

And I must say again, great post :D If there was reputation I would give you a +1 :P

RE: [Character] DarkFirzenEX ~ Release - skelguardian - 04-20-2009

Nice char mate! I especially like the sprites.. (I've always been a kind of lightning fan ;))
bout the dcing.. Yea, xD, Jossua explained it all very good ;).. but what can I say.. Its just the way dutch people are ;)!
If they do something, they do it right! cool

Moves lack originality: this means that the moves that your char does, are used by others already.. (I mean the same principle) like the disks: john. The beam has been used a couple of times too and the whirlwind from freeze.
Just try to think of new moves, who are fresh and new ;).

I don't know what he means with the Slightly altered Biscuit though ^^.. something that had changed only a little (biscuit (?) ^^)
EDIT: Ok, so the disks only changed a little xD ;)!

But all in all I like the char! I'd give it a 8/10
first char? very nice indeed ;)!

RE: [Character] DarkFirzenEX ~ Release - DarkFirzenEX - 04-20-2009

Thank you very much, mate :D
Again such a nice post!

With biscuit he means johns disc , because I named it biscuit xD
Well because Jossua said that the moves were looking a little bit weird, I changed them a little bit, and I removed the Blue Lightning thingy around his eyes, when he does his beam.
Also the whirlwind is now fixed.

Just look at the first page, I'd changed the Download.

RE: [Character] DarkFirzenEX ~ Release - JossuaDC - 04-20-2009

Hey, we're neighbours xD

Biscuit = John's Disc.
Sorry; I used the .bmp name of the disc ^^;;
(And DFEX names it Biscuit too)

You did an awesome job on the face!
And I didn't know it was your first character :O
You can be proud of yourself and of your work, DFEX.

And thank you for explaining the terms I used, skelguardian ;)

I'll download the updated version right now ;P

RE: [Character] DarkFirzenEX ~ Release - skelguardian - 04-20-2009

hehe, no problem ;).. thats what neighbours are for :)!

btw, something small u should update ^^
here in forum and in the readme, u say D + A + > or < = Whirlwind of Charge but its D + > + J
and the biscuits are D + ^ + A :p
(just to make it complete :))

but like I said it before, love it ;)! especially if its ur first one..
the tornado rocks ^^

RE: [Character] DarkFirzenEX ~ Release - DarkFirzenEX - 04-20-2009

Fixed :D
But i wrote that biscuits are D + A + ^ thats the same as D + ^ + A, or not? ^^
Now it's complete! Maybe my next char will have attacks which are more unique..
working on a concept for a new char atm!

RE: [Character] DarkFirzenEX ~ Release - prince_freeza - 04-21-2009

a simple char no complicated dcing...i expected more moves from him but....:(