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I decided to create a new LF2 project. This project will be full custom graphics (animation, characters, story and so on.) I am going to use already characters also, but instead of using them just by taking. I am going to remavamp them and make them fit style of this mod. What inspired me. A COMEBACK, A LACK OF UNIQUE MODS THAT INCLUDE WHOLE NEW GRAPHICS (NOT TALKING ABOUT RIPPED SPRITES).
Why people WILL download it? Forum is kind a dead right? So let's make it popular again. LONG LIVE LF2!
Backstory: The Mod or project is called LFC:P also known as Little Fighter Compilation: P.
Sneak peak at teh PLOT

Many many years ago, once there was GREAT EVIL. The being was so powerful that it caused disturbance across many worlds. GREAT EVIL was unrivaled and no being alive was able to stop it. However, GREAT EVIL was defeated by a fluke when fighting POWER of MAGIC UNION. 
From that time, no threat such as this, GREAT EVIL, ever occurred. There was wars, conflicts among beings. But nothing like destruction that once was caused by GREAT EVIL.
Time has passed and many beings forgot about their magic potential. There were some magic users left but it was not like at the time of disaster that was caused by GREAT EVIL. As history already proven, beings cannot live in peace and harmony. They were always fighting for wealth, power, status, glory, women.

ALT – ancient council was split into two factions. They seen word from 2 different perspectives.  STRUM – believed that in order to maintain everything, you have to be on top, be more strict and rule those who are below. LUFT – believed that in order to maintain everything, you have the one who is showing example, paying respect to everyone and inspire. Two factions stopped getting along and this caused conflicts among beings. Until 3rd faction showed up and started gathering most powerfull beings. Faction believed  that in order to maintain everyting, you have to make an impact.

Why Compilation? Because it uses already created stuff that will be compiled, tweaked and adjusted to the gameplay and story mode itself.

- Mod: Setting will be based on theme which will be revealed later.
- Char: Characters will have new fighting system.
- Background: Animated new and revamped backgrounds to make it feel like everything is made for this mod and not just taken from various pars of the wolrd.

[Image: UUO0nLi.png]
Even thou there is a screenshot, still... please enjoy this fella ;)
[Image: HvZlL10.gif]

[Image: XLsQbnk.gif] - Adeen

Adeen - KobeIp, Loklok, Marshall

p.s. if you think this will fail, then think about Your own fails.
Thanks given by: Mesujin , A-Man , LutiChris , JoHo15 , Arcane

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