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LFE Chronicles- Clash of the Empires
To anyone who saw my bio and thought that this wouldn't be started before summer- I LIED (insert evil laugh)
Well, I'll cut the rubbish and get to the point-story about war between Duckpire and Eggpire, and sequel to the wrath of MH. Recommended that you should read that before reading this.

Part one- (can't think of appropiate title) (Click to View)
Part three (Click to View)
Part four (Click to View)
Part five (Click to View)
Part seven (Click to View)
Part eight (Click to View)
Part nine (Click to View)
Part eleven (Click to View)
Part 12- the final (Click to View)
Stories- Wrath of MH-Razen and Clash of the Empires
Warning! Super epicness! (Click to View)

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