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Deadpool Character
(10-28-2015, 04:16 PM)bashscrazy Wrote:  Shouldn't you be able to see the katana (or both if you're going to add 2) 'holstered' on his backside though?

Yea, and no lol I'm going off of the mugen animations and he had neither holstered or showing, just pulls them out of thin air lol, I may add katanad on his back though, I'm not too particular with stuff like that, it's the game play and how good the moves are put together that gets me

Went back and edited katanas into character, updated stance and chest uniform a bit, will start some new moves and maybe half of the first sprite sheet some time tomorrow.
New Stance
[Image: DeadPool_Stance_zpsm2nztiwy.gif]
[Image: DeadPool_Walk_zpsjyxtum4n.gif]
Basic Attack (Decided to make the skill into his hard hit for his basic attack)
[Image: DeadPool_Basic%20Attack_zpsuiifpymm.gif]
Updated Sprites
[Image: Dead%20Pool_0_zps6iuqtc6q.png]

Edited again:
[Image: DeadPool_Run_zpstzxgh4iq.gif]
[Image: Carrying_zpsyrftoddy.gif]

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