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[Library] Instant Data Loader Module
So I bundled my IDL (aka Write to Exe) solution into a library that works out of the box.
It provides a C-like API for loading data into LF2's memory.

You can immediately download it and start creating your own amazing data changer by just linking to it. This is what I used in LF2 IDE.

If interested, take a look at this wiki for information about the API. You will find function signatures that may help in your coding. The main GitHub repository is here.

Special thanks to
@Lord Silva and other contributors who reverse engineered LF2 data structures.
@Someone else for letting me use his code with my mind in peace.

Cool things to mention
This lib (and LF2 IDE) can also load backgrounds and weapon strength lists (other than stages and objects).
If you pass a 'Logger' callback parameter when calling InstantLoad function, it will act like a data compiler and give warnings about unknown tags and such (by calling the function pointer you passed). You can pass a null pointer if you don't wanna use it.

Chances are high that no one is ever going to care about creating another data changer. We got plenty of them already. But I just let it free into wild. Maybe one day... someone will stumble upon this... and make use of it... Who knows... :D
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LF2 IDE - Advanced visual data changer featuring instant data loader
LF2 Sprite Sheet Generator - Template based sprite sheet generator based on Gad's method
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Thanks given by: sadbhav , EpicMickeyBR
more useful is to create plugins for your DCer (or other DCers) rather then creating completely new DC IDEs
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